Graduate Students and Other Collaborators


Nicolle Etchart

Interests: Agrarian and environmental change, politics of climate change, Latin America. political ecology, political economy of development, social theory

Anika Rice

Interests: agroecology, migration studies, feminist geography, participatory action research methodology, agrarian and environmental change, political ecology, Latin America

Molly Teague

Interests: Conservation, West Africa, supply chain dynamics, agroforestry, remote sensing, land cover change

Niwaeli Kimambo

Interests: Conservation, East Africa, land use/land cover change, land use history, GIS & remote sensing applications

Allison Rogers 

Interests: Human-wildlife coexistence and conflict, community-based conservation and conflict mitigation strategies, East Africa, protected areas, land use change, GIS applications

Sophia Winkler-Schor 

Interests: conservation psychology, conservation marketing, behavior change science, environmental values, tropical forest conservation, Latin America


(For full list, please see C.V.)

Jessica L’Roe

PhD 2016: “Land investment and land access trends among smallholders near tropical forests: Implications for conservation and development”

Now Assistant Professor, Middlebury College.


Ashleigh Baker

M.Sc. 2016: “Adaptive Management for Conservation: the USAID Measuring Impact Project and the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation



Paulina Stowhas

M.Sc. 2015: “Wildlife Presence in Agroecosystems in Coastal Ecuador”




Holly Robertson

M.Sc. 2012: “Promoting a Caribbean Bird Trail to Advance Sustainable Ecotourism”




M. Vikas

Interests: Conservation, human – wildlife interactions, India, Land use/ land cover change, environmental history, natural resource management, climate change adaptation

Ivan Polo

M.Sc. 2016: “Adaptive Management for Conservation: the USAID Measuring Impact Project and the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation




Mikaela Weisse

M.Sc. 2015: “Do Buffer Zones Slow Deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon?”




Carolina Toapanta

M.Sc. 2015: “Connecting Forest and Empowering Communities through an Incentive–based Conservation program in Jama, Ecuador”


Ryan Marsh

M.Sc. 2012: “An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Forest Governance and Use at Biodiversity Corridor Ankeniheny-Zahamena, Madagascar”


Raina Eddy

Interests: attitudes towards wildlife, GIS and rmote sensing, conservation, ecological restoration, and plant ecology and collection

Daniela Gray-Johnson

M.Sc. 2018: Professional Master’s Program in Environmental Conservation

Now with the Liberia Land Authority




Claire Poelking

Honors Thesis, Geography 2013: “Wildlife Corridors Around Amboseli NP, Kenya”



Maggie Holland

PhD 2009: “Biodiversity Conservation and Human Welfare in Mesoamerica”

Now Assistant Professor, University of Maryland-Baltimore County


Robert Rose

PhD 2007: “A Multi-Scaled Model of Land Cover Change in Northwestern Wisconsin”

Now Director of Center for Geospatial Analysis, College of William & Mary.






Former Post-docs and Other Collaborators

Elizabeth Johnson

Visiting Assistant Professor, Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Jessica Lehman

Assistant Professor, Durham University

Kelly Jones

Assistant Professor, Colorado State University.

Lisa Rausch

Associate Researcher in Prof. Holly Gibbs’ lab.

Nora Alvarez-Berrios

USDA Climate Hub Fellow

Maggie Holland

Assistant Professor, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Brian Robinson

Assistant Professor, McGill University.

Adrian Treves

Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Clare Sullivan