Raina Eddy


Conservation Biology and Geography

Research Interests

My current research interest lies generally in attitudes towards wildlife. More specifically, I have chosen to focus on how direct experience with coyotes and red foxes in Madison, Wisconsin influences attitudes and behavior towards them. Other interests include GIS and remote sensing, conservation, ecological restoration, and plant ecology and collection.

About Me

I am currently in my senior year of my undergraduate degree, majoring in both Conservation Biology and Geography and a certificate in Environmental Studies. As a part of the honors program in Geography I will be focusing on my honors thesis under the advising of Lisa Naughton. On my path towards human-wildlife conflict, I worked in the Orrock Lab in the Department of Integrative Biology. I currently work at the Townsend Lab as a research assistant. As a part of this lab, I had the opportunity to participate in ground truthing field work in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California and in Yellowstone National Park.